Wise trip records

Wise ‘Trip’ Records was founded by music producer Matthew L. Morgan in order to:

    1) Make a positive, international effect on the lives of others through encouraging additional development of new and created:
    • music education plans for the impoverished and disadvantaged
    • clinically-managed music therapy systems for those suffering from any kind of ailment, mental illness, or neurological injury.

    2) Supply new and seasoned music artists a conduit by which to use wise trip records’ imagination and passion to attain success while making a positive effect on others, both through their music and by being an essential element of helping nonprofit music education and treatment plans reach capital because 25% of the business ‘s profits go straight to such plans.

Wise trip records presume the dangers related to the prices of our services or pass to the artist at any point on those expenses. In exchange, wise trip records negotiate a royalty rate on sales earnings the artist creates from their printed music that’s truly reasonable to both parties provided this version is considerably simpler, clear-cut, and valuable for the artist in comparison with the conventional, grossly-lopsided relationship most record labels often demand. Forming firmly supporting and affectionate relationships with musicians is a lot more significant to us than optimizing gain — wise trip records note that precedence as essential to helping re-establish decency and humanity to the music business, and is finally a first-class method of attaining long term increase.

Wise trip records Tips

For great travelers who want to see new places and countries and would like to enjoy their travel without any hurdles, they come out with the plan that suits to their requirements and needs. No matter what type of Travel you are planning – long, short or any kind of trip, this will help you out in how to plan wise trip records

    How to choose where do I go?

Simple, make a record of places where you want to plan a travel trip. Then narrow down you list and look for the places that see what to visit most. You need to look for what you like to do like going to visit monuments, museums, or Rock climbing, Trekking, National park safari or diving and then choose your location for the travel trip.

    Research thoroughly:

You can find lot of resources available on internet, bookstores, television. A guide Book will be the best of your help enormously. By doing a thorough research you get to know interesting things about city, transportation, hotels, restaurants, local markets and other need-to-know information. Always remember, don’t over research; this can lead to over planning. It is always good to be flexible when you are on holiday tour. Give some room to flexibility otherwise your trip will some like schedule trip and you won’t be enjoying it at all.

    Plan your budget accordingly

Once you have decided on the destination to travel, you need to figure out how much the whole travel trip will cost. It can be stressful if you are not well planned on financial part. It is always better to start saving for your trip well before time for example save your trip cost in 6 months or 20 months before planning.

There are many ways to save money for trip such as reducing your car usage, reworking on phone plans, reworking on monthly expenses, keeping aside some money for your trip, most important is to clean your credit card payments, etc.

    Work on transportation and Route

You need to ensure that you book your air tickets or do your train reservation before time and get it confirmed or else you need to shell out more at the eleventh hour reservation. Also be clear by which route you are going to travel Air, train, private car or else.

    Pack light:

Pack light fir a smart travel trip. You need not carry a big luggage. Just list out important things to carry and pack them. So once you know what things you need it is easier for you to handle and need not have to worry about repacking and remembering about the things you carried on your travel trip.

Making The Right Trip records.

Want to keep Big Brother, the IRS, happy when it comes to your business trip records? OK, just relax and take a gander at these rules. These rules are not difficult to follow, but you do have to follow them precisely.

For every expense, be sure to record the following:

  • What
    What did you spend money on? List each expense separately, such as business meals, taxis, or lodging.
  • Where
    If you paid for airfare, list the city into which you flew. If you grab a taxi, list to the “to” and “from” parts of the trip. If you tip a bellman, list the hotel at which you gave a tip.
  • When
    It’s important to list the date and time you left for your trip, as well as the date and time of your return. Then, for the individual travel costs during the trip, just make a list like the date and each expense was incurred.
  • Why
    This is a biggie. You need to justify to the IRS that the travel expense was a legitimate business expense. For instance, buying a meal for a business partner is a legitimate travel expense.
  • Proof of Payment
    The IRS wants receipts to back up your individual expense listings to prove that you paid the expenses. For instance, you’ll need copies of your hotel bill, taxi fares, and receipts for business meals that show you paid for these items.

The easiest way to handle documenting your business travel expenses is to:
– Always ask for a receipt
– Keep all your receipts (and other documentation like ticket stubs) in one envelope during your trip
-Use a single form to document all your business travel expenses when you get home. The form should cover all the criteria above. Fill out the form, and then connect the receipts to the back of the form when you’re done.

Voila! You have just kept the IRS happy by documenting your business travel expenses according to IRS regulations.