Wise trip records

Wise ‘Trip’ Records was founded by music producer Matthew L. Morgan in order to:

    1) Make a positive, international effect on the lives of others through encouraging additional development of new and created:
    • music education plans for the impoverished and disadvantaged
    • clinically-managed music therapy systems for those suffering from any kind of ailment, mental illness, or neurological injury.

    2) Supply new and seasoned music artists a conduit by which to use wise trip records’ imagination and passion to attain success while making a positive effect on others, both through their music and by being an essential element of helping nonprofit music education and treatment plans reach capital because 25% of the business ‘s profits go straight to such plans.

Wise trip records presume the dangers related to the prices of our services or pass to the artist at any point on those expenses. In exchange, wise trip records negotiate a royalty rate on sales earnings the artist creates from their printed music that’s truly reasonable to both parties provided this version is considerably simpler, clear-cut, and valuable for the artist in comparison with the conventional, grossly-lopsided relationship most record labels often demand. Forming firmly supporting and affectionate relationships with musicians is a lot more significant to us than optimizing gain — wise trip records note that precedence as essential to helping re-establish decency and humanity to the music business, and is finally a first-class method of attaining long term increase.

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